Are you searching for a solution? Interested in reliable ingenuity that separates you from the pack? Making a new or next step can be an adventure.

A fur buddy of mine had to go to the veterinarian’s clinic and it was mentioned there were charges owed on my behalf from my recent boarding visit. It’s a very nice facility with friends that I’ve made; they take excellent care of me. Admittedly I missed my human; I itched for my long walks sniffing the neighborhood, the anticipation of car rides, and the expectation of being greeted by other humans. So it happened, a hunger strike.

There was an examination and food was adjusted from dry to wet. That wasn’t satisfying either and ultimately they cooked chicken for me. Along with a B-12 shot and all was better.

Diagnosis: Momma’s Boy

So what does all this mean? Change can be scary and uncertain in the short term; it usually turns out okay in the end, and often better. Be yourself and give yourself a chance for change, I did and got the chicken.

I’m Maxx, ambassador for Media Maxx Advertising and I’d love to go fetch you some business.