While successfully completing tasks for others are your tasks left undone? Are you own projects not a priority? Sure they are.

My name is Maxx and I am the ambassador for Media Maxx Advertising. For sometime now my humans have been collaborating on the revised Media Maxx Advertising website.

Patiently I’ve waited, and then I’ve waited some more. Why all the delay? The world is waiting to hear my story. How one time and then another time the same person rescued me. By social media posts I acquired my forever home. Who knew that this was an opportunity for my human friends to reconnect?

My dog sense told me that I was leaving one good home and traveling to another good home. So where am I going with this? What seemed, as an interruption became a window of opportunity for all of us. I’ve been rescued, nurtured, and most importantly loved. Doing for others is the right thing to do. I’m Maxx and remember, “Chasing your tail gets you nowhere…. except back to where you started.”

Contact me, I’d love to fetch you some business.