You’re an influencer within your business circle. Good business practices have garnered you respect, and awards. Prosperity has found you.

One evening my human was leaving me to go out with friends. I like these friends/competitors but not being left behind. Boldly I make a point to stand in the middle and in-between whenever they’re around. By wagging my tail and paying close attention its easy to observe their moves and gestures. Everyone thinks I’m cute.

Without realizing that my observations are purposeful the humans exit the door.

What have I spied? The book my human was reading and not to me. I was left alone with it. I couldn’t help myself, a chew here a rip there. I made my move and made my point, the signals had all been there. What I did for love, others don’t. Sometimes I stay, other times I heal, and occasionally I’m grateful for a good sit.

With one eye forward, one ear to the ground, always alert for the occasional signal to pivot, I’m Maxx and I’d love to go fetch you some business.